Wesley came to sing in the crowd.


endless list of female artists: 

Neyla Pekarek (cellist, The Lumineers)

"I’ve learned so much more about myself and about being a woman because I’ve been surrounded by men. The music business has so many strong females in it, but it’s still very much a male-dominated business. [As a woman] you have to talk twice as loud and perform twice as hard, and you have to wear heels! I see myself working really hard to make everything equal between all of us. The boys are learning a lot about it and they’ve been really supportive, but there’ve been some growing pains."


Jack Johnson and the Lumineers perform at Firefly 2014

photo: Michael Loccisan


Jack Johnson and Wesley Schultz of the Lumineers

photo: Michael Loccisan 


The Lumineers played an awesome set at the Firefly Music Festival this year. I only say this though because they played ‘Flowers in Her Hair’ and ‘Classy Girls’ while I was in the photo pit for their first three songs, and those are my two favorites by them. I’ve seen them twice now and always a great show.

Source: Andrew Wick